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Fic: Rules of the Game, part 2, RPS: Nash/Nowitzki



“I thought we were getting beer,” Dirk argued as Steve steered him up to his hotel room, another ridiculously nice, anonymous room that held little value to him other than the fact that now, Dirk was in it.

Steve made a face at Dirk’s fake petulance.  “If Herr MVP would like to go help himself to the mini-bar, I suggest he do so before we get started.” He leaned in to Dirk’s waist and pressed him to sit down on the edge of the bed.  It was a pain in the ass to scale up Dirk’s body every time he wanted to simply kiss him.  Steve firmly straddled his hips and nibbled at his lips expertly.  It had been a while, but he most definitely had not forgotten just where Dirk liked to be bitten and sucked and grasped.

Dirk responded immediately, arching into Steve’s hands diving beneath his shirt.

“Maybe drinks later,” Dirk decided.

Steve laughed easily in agreement, his body raveling up tightly with desire at how vulnerable and low Dirk’s moans sounded.  At the start it had been like this, with Dirk uncertain yet wanting to cling to something; and Steve, willing to take the brunt of fan displeasure for the first two horrific seasons in Dallas, also offering himself as a friend.  Sex should have complicated things.  Originally neither one knew exactly what to say, but it wasn’t an accident or a fluke when it happened at least once each week.  They relied on locker room camaraderie to assure the other they were okay, it wasn’t getting weird.  And they were still winning.  Improving, even.

Steve was too laidback and frankly didn’t care; he liked Dirk and appreciated the company.  If Dirk wanted it, he was more than fine with the arrangement.  Dirk himself was young and dependent then, and if Steve couldn’t shake the feeling that he was unfairly leading him on, it was cleared up by the end of the 2002-2003 season.  By then they’d learned each other’s preferences, most times stumbled to bed sober and clear-headed, and could talk and joke between the sheets afterwards.  Any problems concerned Dirk’s horrible poker face; Steve knew Dirk was in love with him, but there wasn’t an easy solution to that.

Now in bed with him, Steve sighed into his mouth as he felt Dirk’s hand work around to grasp his buttocks and pull him closer.  Slowly, the touch lowered to massage the back of his thighs, still tight and sore from the game’s near-forty minutes played at a breakneck pace.

“You gotta stretch more,” Dirk chastised, mumbling against Steve’s lips.


“Gotta do it more.” Dirk pulled away from his mouth to grin.  “You’re forgetting you’re an old man now.”

Steve rolled his eyes.  Inward, he’d been intensely proud that he’d improved at the game each year since hitting thirty.  At most times when players start sliding into supporting roles with dropping minutes, he was averaging solid points and assists every new season, with two consecutive MVPs to show for it.  Now he gave Dirk the finger before pushing against his shoulders and shoving him back-down on the bed, layering kisses over his long, lightly stubbled neck.

After tugging off his own t-shirt, Dirk rapidly broke open the buttons to Steve’s.  He smiled at the clothing he’d well-maligned and pressed his large palms up against Steve’s chest, running his palms roughly over his nipples until Steve bucked hard against him, groaning into Dirk’s collarbone.  Breathing heavily, Steve dragged his lips downward to distract himself with doing the pleasing. 

Steve found something so enjoyably incongruous about the much bigger, longer body beneath him.  He knew the level of trust Dirk had invested in being together; he liked the visual contrast of someone taller, broader, and stronger dependent on him.  He traced Dirk’s abdominal muscles with an exhausted hand, tasted the smooth sweat with his tongue, recalling how thin and gangly he’d been when they first met.  He smiled.  His fingers pursued the almost white-gold trail of hair that split Dirk’s quavering torso down the middle towards the easy waistline of his sweats, already tugged low.

 “I’m thinking,” Dirk cut in, raising his head to watch him, “that we should lose more often.”

A biting laugh escaped Steve momentarily.  The loss still possessed a part of his mind; his body’s athletic ache remained with the disbelief and disgust of defeat.  Usually the mood lasted about a week or two, when he took a break from training and let himself mentally and physically recuperate before slipping into gym-rat mode again.

“I’d like to do this more when we’re in a good mood, too,” Steve finally said.  He raised his eyebrows, imploring, wondering if he were promising too much.  Dirk seemed appropriately skeptical but reached down to tousle Steve’s hair, a joking gesture.

“As long as you keep this short.  Any longer and it’s a little weird.  Cousin It down there.”

“Shut up,” Steve returned, swiping his hands away.  “I’m willing to bet you don’t even know what the hell Cousin It is from.”

“I’m Americanized.  I can use the reference.”

Steve thought back to the ESPN interview he’d read years ago, when Dirk was asked what his favorite cartoon was and he went rambling on about how US television didn’t carry Germany’s Lucky Luke the cowboy and his faithful horse, Jolly Jumper.  Steve had taped the ripped out article to the inside of Dirk’s locker and scribbled, Dude, what the fuck? alongside.  Then he and Finley had taken the courtesy of taping Lucky Luke nametags on the back of Dirk’s jersey.  It was still funny, no matter how many times Steve recalled the look of embarrassed amusement on Dirk’s reddening face.

Now, though, he wasn’t concerned with arguing fictional characters and haircuts.  Steve gave Dirk one more enduring look and mouthed the increasing bulge through the thick, gray sweatpants, knowing it was hardly enough stimulation to satisfy anything.  He watched Dirk close his eyes and drop his head back, murmuring discontentedly.

The material was drying out Steve’s mouth.  Exhaling hot breath one more time and enjoying the rise of Dirk’s hips, Steve rid him of the pants and boxers in one pull, then paused to fumble with his own belt and jeans.

Heavy-lidded, Dirk sat up and pulled Steve towards him so they were both lying on their sides, eye-level with one another.  Steve spared him only a glance before turning his attention again to his own belt, but his hands trembled and he botched the quick job he’d hoped to make of them.  Unable to wait, he rubbed himself through the denim, watching Dirk’s body react.

He gave himself up to Dirk’s hand, which hastily unhooked the belt and tugged off the jeans, leaving Steve to kick them off his feet and to the floor.  He leaned in for another kiss, but instead Dirk hooked a lengthy, pale arm around him and moved him to his back, trapping him beneath the long, hot tunnel Dirk formed with his body.  Steve craned his neck to kiss Dirk’s quavering Adam’s apple.  A firm hand warmly engulfed the throbbing between Steve’s legs, and suddenly he was moaning and pressing into the contact, desperate for Dirk to crush the lengths of their bodies together.

A small pang in the back of his head urged to be on top, but when Steve struggled to switch positions Dirk only held him down steadily.  He kissed Steve’s lips, whispering for him to relax, that he wanted to do this for him now.  The initiative impressed Steve.  Dirk had grown into self-assurance, it fit him now without seeming brash, contrived or forced.  Steve recalled finding a young Dirk holed up in his dimmed hotel room, static lights of German movies glancing off his solid features and having to drag him out to play pool or grab a drink.  It seemed he’d found his confidence.

Waves of prickling heat shivered across Steve as Dirk returned the favor of dragging his lips down to his waist, hand still pumping with growing speed.  It was all right, Steve tried to assure himself; he was too tired, his body too beaten, to try to get inside Dirk tonight.  He could ask but it just wasn’t as fun if Dirk let him have it easily.  It was a race to see who could pin the other’s hands first, who could twist legs until they were spread and immobile on the mattress.  Steve usually liked that they could be rougher with each other.  The quickness and aggression had the same appeal their court match-ups did.  Facing off was competitive, both eager to surprise the other.

After the loss, Steve had thought he’d want this time also to be rough and fast to indulge in the immediate gratification.  The sooner he got off, the faster he’d drown his aching muscles in a consolatory rush of adrenalin, in the heat of Dirk’s hand and mouth, tasting him when it was time to return the favor.  Suddenly quickness didn’t sound like such a great idea.  He didn’t want it over yet.

He reached down and covered Dirk’s hand with his own, stopping him, even as he felt Dirk’s breath inches away from taking him fully in his mouth.

“Tease me more,” he said hoarsely, and held Dirk’s gaze the whole time while he did.


* * *


Phoenix glowed warm on the horizon through the front car window.  Steve had spent most of the road trip half-asleep on the passenger’s side, Dirk having to wake him up briefly for a burger at a rest stop in Colorado.  There he called Duck and Alejandra, both of whom wanted to know how he was and why he was calling from the Mile High City.  He had to hang up early when his nose started legitimately bleeding.  Dirk found it the funniest thing ever and was still commenting on it as they crossed the border into Arizona.

“Jokes do come with expiration dates,” Steve retorted as he sopped up the blood with napkins from Denny’s.  He was beginning to wish he’d eaten healthier, but after last season he thought he deserved a splurge.  Screw it, he thought as he tilted his head back and squeezed the paper.  At least their napkins were thick, apparently anticipating grease.

Dirk grinned at him, almost fondly, and once Steve had quelled the gush he could enjoy bad jokes and coming up with quick comebacks.  His eyes settled on Phoenix as the highway curved to bring them nearer.

“You gonna hang around for a meal or something?” Steve asked.  “I’m sure the girls will want to see their godfather.”

“I’m not their godfather, I’m their jungle gym,” Dirk replied, tossing a smile Steve’s way.  “Don’t you teach them crawling all over guests is rude?”

Steve shrugged, relaxed.  His body still held a distant ache but it was a new one, the kind that Dirk caused him.  It was better than the pain of a loss, though not necessarily easier.

Mentally he braced for the off-season.  It might be a long one.



just wanted to say that i <3 your icon. :)

the Gators = Love
Realllly now? I must check that out. hehe, props to corey love too! XD
Awesome, I'm glad to hear it worked for you! I love the rapport Dirk and Steve have with one another, and I really had hoped I was able to capture that. Finally, all my interview-reading and press conference-watching has paid off! :)

Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated!
Aww, thanks so much! *blushes* After I posted this, I had a mini panic attack where I thought, 'Oh crap, I'm not sure if the fic works,' so it's very relieving to get such kind feedback! :)

Thanks again for commenting. Glad you enjoyed it.
I'm seriously at a loss for words.

What can I say?


You. Are. Brilliant.

This fic was hot, the character manneurisms were dead-on...it was just ...perfect.

Seriously. Thank you for writing this. <33333
I hope you write more Nash/Nowitzki soon!!!
Thank you so much! It's wonderful to hear readers enjoyed this--and it's very relieving that people felt the characters were believable. I had such a clear mental image of them, I just hoped it would translate in fic.

Thanks again for the lovely comment! :P
I haven't watched an entire basketball game in years, but I've always had a soft spot for Steve - he's so adorable. I really enjoyed this. The depth of their affection is so apparent here, and the sense of longing is wonderful.

(I'll tell you what, if LiveJournal had been around in the mid 80's, those Boston Celtics players would have been in a lot of trouble... ;p)
Thanks so much, I'm glad you felt that intimacy they have with one another. I definitely wanted that to come through.

Whew! The amount of bball love that could be told of the Boston Garden! And of course there would have to be angsty fics about inter-team love affairs during all those years of the Celtics-Lakers rivalries. :) (The Cous/Mr. Clutch, anyone?) Hey, if we're talking '80s, the Piston Bad Boys would be great characters to use...although I don't know if anyone would really want to write explicit Bill Laimbeer scenes, lol. *covers eyes*

I wonder if anyone's ever written stuff for the old Knicks teams of the late 60s, early 70s. They had some fantastic personalities, extremely intelligent but very "out there" at times. I remember watching a special when Phil Jackson talked about playing there and winning the 1973 championship. The guys would call out plays in pure jibberish so as to confuse the opponent. He said the Knicks were like a fraternity.

I'm also game for Pistol Pete slash, but it would be hard to pair him with somebody; he was such a loner.

...Now that I've done my sports rambling for today... ;)
The amount of bball love that could be told of the Boston Garden!

Seriously! The building itself would have to be a major character! Kevin McHale would have paired up nicely with anyone. *lol* I don't think I would have had the stomach to slash them with any of the Lakers, though - my loyalties were way too strong for that! And I would only read/write Laimbeer slash if I were paid a large sum of money in advance, and were given a punching bag to hit as I read. *shudders* hee. What a jerk.

You know who I also loved? The Rockets. Jim Petersen was highly slashable (though maybe not the greatest player!). He and Kevin McHale were both from Minnesota and both of them played college ball there. Hmm... ;D

Yours is the first NBA slash I've read, so I have no idea what's out there, but the camaraderie level of it all certainly lends itself well, doesn't it? I love it!

I'm now tempted to pull out some of my old vhs tapes. (Nerd.)
Mmm, yes, Throwback Slash would be awesome! I know there's a site for NBA slash, but all I've ever seen on there is of recent players. Shame, cuz as you've said, the league is ripe for pairings!

I was just thinking, too: The 76ers team that lost to Portland in the Finals during the 70s? (Can't exactly remember when.) Those were some CRAZY fun characters! World B. Free, Joe Jelly Bean Bryant (Kobe's dad), Henry Bibby (Mike's dad), Doug Collins, and of course Dr. J. And then you have Bill Walton on the other side, who would be SO MUCH FUN to write. Not to slash, imo, but to write? Brilliant.

Ah, you have VHS tapes too? *hugs for you* I have--not lying--52 VHS tapes with at least three games on each. (I love the Laker history--don't hurt me!--so I have some old games that I scoured ESPN Classic for; but most are of the threepeat Lakers of early 2000s and a ton of Maverick and Suns games. I am either a bball fanatic or a loser. The former sounds better so I'm going with that. XD

Have you written any NBA slash yourself? You sound incredibly knowledgeable, I'm sure it would be a great read. Petersen/McHale has now caught my interest...
Darn work getting in the way of LJ! ;p

Throwback slash! Yes! Like you said, so many fun personalities to play with. Bill Walton! Such a funny, laid-back dude. Love him. He played for "my" Celtics for a while, you know. And I remember World B. Free! More for his name than anything else, tho'. ;p

Yes, I have many basketball tapes - not as many as you do, but mine are from the original airings! My dad taped over one of my Celtics/Rockets playoff games with "Purple Rain" (?!?) and I almost died! *lol* I was a HUGE Celtics loser fanatic; never missed a televised game. I even got to see Kevin McHale at a mall event once. Those guys are so much taller than they look on tv! Anyway, I have to check out ESPN Classic immediately. (Where have I been??)

Also, nope, I've never written any NBA slash. I'm not really that knowledgeable- I just know a lot about the mid-to-late 80's Celtics, and a tiny bit about other teams, mostly because my mother was a sports junky, and that's all I heard about growing up. But it is good to know that if I attempt Petersen/McHale (hee! I invented a 'ship!), I'll have at least one potential reader! ;D
You may be interested to learn that my Petersen/McHale fascination has actually deepened over the past few days! I think they go quite nicely together: http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l162/bethctmed/Petersen-McHale2.png

Also, I've learned that not only did they go to the same uni, but Kevin helped to recruit Jim. And(!), they are both currently working for the Minnesota Timberwolves (bad luck, I know): Kevin is the VP of Basketball Operations, and Jim is one of the team's TV analysts (who, incidentally, is one of the few people who defends Kevin's handling of the Wolves).

New basketball obsessions are excellent for getting through the House-less months. ;D
Squee! Now that IS some fascinating stuff. Always great when real life supplies you with the storylines. :P

And thanks for sending those pics, too. Guess I was too busy watching the actual basketball of old Celtics clips to notice how AMAZING Kevin McHale's eyes are. ;) And Petersen looks quite sweet too. Aw, they're so young! And they have such an interesting history together! Very cool that they still stick with each other.

It would be fun to even write brief drabbles showing moments throughout their uni, pro, and management/analyst years together. While the slash bug's bitten you, you should definitely write something! I'm sure we could win over some more nba slashers and introduce them to a new pairing. :D
Always great when real life supplies you with the storylines.

Yeah, and it's amazing how becoming a "slasher" really opens your eyes to little details you never noticed before. It's like watching the games for the first time! ;D

They were gorgeous when they were young! As soon as I let my long-lost H/W muse work its way out of my system with my current fic, I'll see what I can come up with... Should be fun. I've already got some ideas! ;)

NBA games on VHS?

Hey there,

Your reply about some VHS tapes got me thinking - do you happen to have any old VHS tapes, or know someone who does, of Michael Jordan footage?

I have hundreds and hundreds of MJ games on VHS and DVD, would love to trade with you, if yes. Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon...

My e-mail: rairjordan@gmail.com

I loved this as well. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see new Dirk/Steve fic, because very little has been posted in a long time, and certainly not much outside of the Germadian group.

Here's a few parts that stood out to me:

Now, as Game 6 came to a close, the stubble of rubber in his hands felt delayed and slow. Steve wasn’t fighting anymore. ...The ignored shot clock dwindled until the final buzzer cut it off. Steve let the ball drop.

I liked the wording of this, mostly. It made me flash back to when the clock ticked down in the last moments of game six. That moment was difficult, obviously, because of how final it was, and you sort of had that sense that Steve was defeated when he let the ball go. I think the ending to the first scene you wrote matched the emotion of the ending of the game quite well.

“Besides man, you guys lost to the Warriors. I don’t care if they hit their stride: No amount of alcohol is going to salve getting your ass kicked by Golden State.” Steve grinned, pleased that they were able to joke about it; Dirk had been all but unreachable during those first couple weeks since the first round dismissal..."

I think I loved this more for characterization than anything, because I can completely hear Steve say that, and I read in a Nash interview that Dirk, last year, was pretty much MIA in terms of answering Steve's calls after the finals collapse... of course he'd probably be in a similiar state after he/we lost to Golden State.

Once they did try it over the phone, which resulted in slightly awkward choices of phrase, Dirk too embarrassed to be overtly explicit, and ended with Dirk somehow dropping his cell in the toilet. Steve, sprawled in bed, had laughed so hard he was barely able to finish himself off without a smile on his face.

I loved this because it's a detail that made the story just so much better, because it made them so much more human, where not everything in their sex life is perfect. Plus I can certainly picture Dirk fumbling over his words and, maybe, a little bit of a blush on his face when he couldn't get himself to be detailed. Plus he dropped the phone in the tiolet, and that's so awesome.

Steve knew Dirk was in love with him, but there wasn’t an easy solution to that.

And this, because it was another little thing that keeps things from being perfect between them. It's not just different teams and playoff losses and Steve with kids, it's also conflict between relationships, and trying to keep things stable with both, even if it means not persuing what could be. It feels like Steve might be ignoring or avoiding that D's in love with him, and I like that. It's not 'cause he doesn't love him back or something, it's because it just can't happen, not without complicating everything.

He gave Dirk one more enduring look and mouthed the increasing bulge through the thick, gray sweatpants, knowing it was hardly enough stimulation to satisfy anything. ...The material was drying out Steve’s mouth. & He was too tired, his body too beaten, to try to get inside Dirk tonight. He could ask but it just wasn’t as fun if Dirk let him have it easily. It was a race to see who could pin the other’s hands first, who could twist legs until they were spread and immobile on the mattress.

Mainly for the details. The first part because I rarely read stuff like that in sex scenes, it's usually 'mouthing material and the body below groans and moans their head off'. The second part because of the tiny bit of insight you get about Steve and his relationship with Dirk.

And a few parts I won't quote: Steve regretting giving his number to Rick Bucher and the lack of privacy he has, Dirk pre-planning to show up in San Antonio to greet Steve (and driving there, too!), Dirk being too honest about his cartoons and Steve remembering how he and Finley made fun of him for it (when they're about to have sex, no less) and the last line of the story, because it achieved the emotion it was going for, that bit of sadness and the feeling that things might get harder than they already are.

So yeah, I did love this story. Apologies for the giant comment, though.
Long comments FTW!! :) Thanks so much for such a detailed response, can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Especially since it's my first posted N/N fic, I was curious to see if readers thought it worked.

In my head I've developed a lot of backstory for them, so when I was putting details in this fic I kept thinking, 'Crap, does that work here? Should I include it? Does it take readers out of the story's immediate action?' So it's awesome that you picked out those things and liked them. *sigh of relief*

So happy to hear you found them human and flawed. That's such a huge compliment. <3!

When I went back to edit the fic, I realized I'd included more about how Dirk feels about their relationship than Nash, even though it's Nash's head we get inside. So I think you hit it right on the spot when you said about how Nash is either avoiding or not dealing with Dirk's attachment to him. I've always felt that combination of gregariousness and privacy is something Nash does very well: You can see it in interviews, the way he'll open up with a laid-back joke, but you can tell his mind is working a mile a minute and he's not saying everything he's thinking. He knows the worth of modesty and he's very, very media-savvy. I think he'd employ the same techniques with Dirk in order to protect them both.

I ADORE writing N/N dialogue. Did you watch the Basketball Stories thing on ESPN2 that did a feature on them? They are hysterical, constantly ribbing one another. I really wanted to capture that b/c it seemed to be such a core of their friendship. And that's why I think sex would have deepened their relationship without screwing it up. They're already very emotionally intimate with one another; adding a physical dimension (which is, on some level, already there b/c of their athletic relationship) augments their camaraderie.

Well it seems I've matched your giant comment with a giant response... Humor me. I love chatting about these guys. :)
I think you might have given me the reason to finally learn about basketball. :) Your fic egged my curiosity on, and with a little help from the blessed Google, I now think that Steve Nash may be the coolest thing since sliced bread. He plays soccer! Hockey! He cares about Important Things! That hair! (Well, he chopped it all off, but it was one of the things that made me first notice him when I'd happened to read SI issue.) (What is it about guys who are multi-talented? Now him and HL have me spoiled.;) And of course, he's a frickin' massively talented point guard. I have to rewatch highlight picks over and over again to catch what he'd done, because he's so awesomely quick and subtle.

I love your RPS. I think your fic reflects a sweetness to their relationship that I've managed to see so far in pics and articles. I was wondering if you could point me toward other stuff; I would love to see more interaction between the two.

Thanks for writing, I hope to see more soon! :)
Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm absolutely giddy that you're interested now in the guys--seriously, they have so much history, and they're both such entertaining people as well as basketball players. *hugs you for liking Steve* Spread the love!

There have been so many great things published about the two. Let me see...

Well, you can check out the basic motherload of stuff from the lj community Germadian_Lovin. There are always tons of pics and articles posted there, as well as fic. Stevenash13 is a new lj but it also has some great Steve-centric clips.

Stuff you REALLY have to see:

A photo gallery of the two throughout their careers together: http://www.nba.com/gallery/dirknash/070313_1.html

An excerpt from an article (early day slash!): http://community.livejournal.com/germadian_lovin/63535.html

Steve and Dirk on guitars in the locker room, singing a song Nash composed for an old friend (lyrics* are hysterical): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEuU3Algf3g&mode=related&search

*Also, if you're checking out the two's history in Dallas, definitely look up stuff on Mark Cuban, the Mavs' owner. THERE'S a character. He's a great fan-oriented guy, but he says what he says and it can cause problems. Cuban fell a couple years and $20 mill short of matching PHX's contract offer for Nash, so when Nash left (feeling pretty much unwanted in Dallas), Cuban really bad-mouthed him and said he was selling out. A LOT of drama and pissed off people on both sides. (And excellent writing fodder.)

And I have one of the best Nash interviews from SI 2002 (before Nash became acknowledged around the league as an incredibly legit ptguard) typed up on my computer, with pics scanned. It's really a great look into Nash, falling in love with Alejandra (a rare mention of his closely personal life), and preparation for basketball. If you could give me your email, I'll send it along. :) (I can also get you some REALLY slashy articles from 2005 when Nash and Nowitzki met in the playoffs and the media had a field day. On one occasion, when a reporter was asking Nash what he was feeling going up against his best friend, Nash replied wryly, "We didn't sleep together."

So yeah. The slash is EVERYWHERE with these two. You'll see plenty of post-game hugs on germandian_lovin that are squee-worthy, too.

Happy reading, and let me know if you want the article! :)
Oh! Coolio! I would much love the article - both articles, if you can. My addy is dj_shadow29@hotmail.com. Thanks for all that - the NBA pic gallery is awesome. (I love how Dirk makes Steve look so incredibly tiny, when he's actually, like, 6'1"?)

I'm so looking forward to receiving that stuff! :D
I love this. The little bit of panicked tension in Steve's mind and Dirk's gentle patronizing of it and his age play off each other perfectly.

And I'd love to read that SI article from 2002, if you wouldn't mind emailing it to me too :) My email is tehluckiest@yahoo.com. Thanks :)